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Aquanox Deep Descent is a re-imagining of the AquaNox series. The new game is currently being developed by the Aquanox Team, consisting of Digital Arrow and Nordic Games. Deep Descent was recently Kickstarter funded but is not yet scheduled for release. This wikia is a collaborative resource for the the franchise and is maintained by fans and editors. Everyone is welcome to join our community.


AquaNox is an underwater deep sea shooter/survival game in which players control customized ships and engage in submarine battles in the dystopian world of Aqua. The original game was Archimedian Dynasty (1996) followed by AquaNox (2001) and AquaNox 2:Revelation (2003). The latest game in the franchise, Deep Descent is based on those games but brings it into more modern technology, using the Unreal 4 graphics Engine and high quality sound. Read More...

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