Atlantic Federation Edit

Center: Neopolis, 2203m
Minor stations: Jules (2426m), Deepdraft I (4585m), Deepdraft II (4400m), The Parliament Complex, Fusion Power Plant

In the north Atlantic lies the center of one of the most powerful power blocs of Aqua: Neopolis, capital of the Atlantic Federation. Founded by some former NATO countries, the loose North Atlantic Alliance merged into a tight federation in 2112.

This was a reaction to the foundation of the monarchist "Conductate" established two years previously by Long Guiwen in the northwest Pacific, which was transformed into the "Shogunate” by Long Akira in 2178. “The power bloc in the Philippine Sea” and the presence of the Conductator became too uncomfortable for the inhabitants of the north Atlantic. In 2135, when Long violated the Treaty on Worldwide Control and Use of Nuclear Fusion, a general rearmament and the establishment of powerful armies of soldiers and mercenaries took place.

Since 2112 the Federation’s government has consisted of a democratically elected parliament led by the President of the Federation. Councils of ministers, committees and opposition parties swear to preserve democratic principles. Since then Neopolis – in contrast to the military dictatorship of the Shogunate (the former “Conductate” in the Philippine Sea) and the nepotism of the Clansunion (in the Indian Ocean) – has regarded itself as a democratic world power preserving and defending human rights and individual freedom. But the glory is slowly fading away.

After the Cold War ended and peace treaties with the Shogunate were signed, a new political movement is gaining strength in Neopolis. Fresh young politicians from the techno-business universities are crowding out the old, now stolid warhorses.

New buzzwords are making the rounds: transhuman bioengineering, anti-sleep laws, relaxed firearms laws within the habitats, lower labor costs. A state of emergency has been in force for a month now in parts of the Federation, particularly in Neopolis. The elections were cancelled (this was facilitated by a complicated calculation of the so-called primary seat allocation in the city parliament, pushing at the limits of legality). In addition, the mayor was replaced by an interim regent named Kristina dePonto (HiCommander of the North Polar Garrison), who has close ties to the military. People are marching in the streets and going on strike. Popular opinion is divided. The young people like the idea of a "quantum leap in technology" and an "evolutionary leap towards transhuman beings", while the older people see the real problems more clearly: a stagnating economy, a wage crisis, pollution of the habitats, etc.

New hope for everyone is raised by the secret "Brainfire" project, which is to be implemented in the Pacific.