Clansunion Edit

Center: Floating Bombay, Capital of the Clansunion (1287m)

In Aqua, whatever money can’t buy is sure to be sold for a lot of money in the Clansunion.

The Indian-Arabic aquatory is situated in the central Indian Basin and stretches far down into the southern Indian Ocean.

In 2200, during a relatively early phase of oceanic colonization, numerous leaders of individual nations, family tribes and former states of the Middle and South East came together to form a heterogeneous confederation which is now called the Clansunion.

After many crises and military conflicts between the various power blocs of Aqua, the Clansunion finally occupied a neutral position as “Power of the Center". It has developed into a glittering aquatory, thirsty for life, and a center for trade and the arts.

If a friendly light brightens up the darkness somewhere in the deep-sea titanium prisons of Aqua, it is sure to come from the Union’s light artists. These people’s main aim is the decoration and embellishment of their own existence. "Floating Bombay", the Clansunion’s center, has a flourishing trade of aesthetic light art as well as an unbelievably massive business in the smuggling of weapons, technology and knowledge.

The Dogon, a former West African people, are the "Dukes of the Art of Engineering". As these people are the only remaining pigmented race, they are dored all over Aqua and are very often regarded as living legends. The Clansdukes lead the Clansunion and administer the aquatory in a kind of Congress.

Natural resources, trade and a prospering tourist industry attract everyone in Aqua to the Indian Ocean, where visitors are sure to experience the legendary and certainly best surface simulations, light vacations and Emerald Festivals.