EnTrOx Corporation Edit

Center: Headquarters, 2365 m
Minor stations: Gotham, 1977m

After the conflict with Conductator Long in 2135, the former international monitoring and research station on the Straits of Florida became a government agency under the direction of the Atlantic Federation in 2142, and was christened EnTrOx (Energy-Transport-Oxygen). The tasks of the EnTrOx Company were to find a solution to the long-standing problems concerning the reaction of breathing gases when placed under high-pressure conditions as well as securing a worldwide supply of fusion energy.

The headquarters of the now international company is the Atlantic near Florida, in the Straits of Florida. The Gulf Stream (now unable to flow on the surface) has moved into the depths and creates an enormous current there, which seems to be made for the production of energy. It is similar to another EnTrOx branch in the Denmark Strait, where a deep-sea waterfall, 1000 m high, carries millions of cubic liters of water per second.

The company provides most of Aqua with the breathing gas Helinox (for which they hold a patent); the expertise for building state-of-the-art fusion power plants and the ultra-fast "jumpship" technology.

At the time of the first great Biont war, EnTrOx was the private property of the greedy Leo van der Waal. After several scandals, El Topo removed van der Waal from power through his international connections.

The once most powerful industry boss in Aqua has retreated into the modern habitat of Gotham, off the coast of what was once New York.

His security service, EnTroPol, is still loyal to him. From time to time there is considerable trouble between the former EnTroPol warhorses surrounding van der Waal and the new unit around Sergej Chang.