Machina Antarctica Edit

Center: Machina Antarctica, Refuge of the Technocrats (4633m)

In 2587, former scientists of the EnTrOx Company founded a massive research station called "Machina Antarctica", with the financial support of some unknown sponsors in the South Polar Sea.

Over the centuries, the “icy nest for mad scientists” became a powerful and influential center for science and technocracy, directed today (2666) by Professor 10th degree Fritz Rasmussen.

While the EnTrOx Company primarily investigates ship engines, breathing gas production and energy (i.e. nuclear fusion technology), the truly revolutionary new developments are taking place in the "Machina".

Ten so-called "Oceanides", artificially created humans ideally adapted to the conditions of the deep sea, live in the Bellingshausen station. This brings us to the core research area of the "Machina": artificial evolution. Some basic research is being enthusiastically conducted in the fields of material development, weapons technology and brain design. A proverb states that all harm comes from the "Machina Antarctica", but thankfully, so do all cures.