Plasma WeaponsEdit

There are three different types of Plasma weapons: the Plasma Gun, the double-barreled Plasma Jet and a Gatling version. Both of the single-shot versions have a high kinetic impact and a low EMP effect.

The Gatling version reloads very quickly, has a high firing frequency, and a minimal EMP effect.

Plasma weapons work as follows. An enormous laser beam in the blue-green range of the spectrum generates a vacuum channel through the water. A bundled plasma beam shoots through this channel towards the target. The plasma is a hydrogen gas mixture heated to extreme temperatures (several million degrees Kelvin), in which the atoms are ionized. This means that the electrons have been torn out of their orbits around the atomic nuclei. To put it simply, our sun consists of plasma. The beam enters the vacuum channel at a speed of approximately 10 million km/h.

In addition to the high kinetic impact, a plasma weapon also generates a burst of X-ray radiation in the hull of the ship it hits. This radiation triggers an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), so that, depending on the impact point, parts of the ship's electrical systems may be eliminated.

The Plasma Gun and Plasma Jet hit the target precisely, whereas the Gatling scatters its shot.