Shogunate Edit

Center: Svesda Wostock, Main station of the Shogunate (1649m)

The power bloc of the Shogunate stretches from the East Pacific through the Philippine Sea to the Indian Ocean.

The amalgamation of China, the CIS States, Japan and some of the South Asian Tiger States to an underwater alliance created the biggest power bloc in Aqua.

In 2112, Long, the son of the reigning dynasty, appointed himself "Conductator", and was admired and respected by all Sino-Japanese and Russian inhabitants.

Then, in 2135, Conductator Long violated the treaty signed at the Florida conference on the joint worldwide control of nuclear fusion by setting up unmonitored nuclear reactors.

In response to this violation, the military units of the Atlantic Federation were reinforced.

After the death of Long Guiwen in 2152, his son Akira assumed power in the hereditary dynasty. Under his leadership, the Conductate became a massive dictatorship with Akira himself at the top. Akira appointed himself the "Divine Shogun", and henceforth became the ruler of the Shogunate. Even today the army remains the main framework of this power bloc.

While the political tensions between the Atlantic Federation and the Shogunate still gave cause for concern in the times of the first great Biont war, a peaceful coexistence on almost friendly terms had been reached by 2666.

The Shogunate is a strictly hierarchical society, the focus of which lies in the military realm. The highest military commander and deputy shogun is Admiral Ping jr., a levelheaded and almost liberal-minded man. Emerald Flint has bad memories of the Shogunate. He was in custody in the penal colony in the Sea of Okhotsk when he met the Ronin Hong Long, who died at the end of the crisis in the first great Biont war.

Due to the Shogunate’s extremely tight social structure, and the Shogun government’s influence being felt in every area of life, many ordinary citizens as well as high-ranking politicians and military officers attempt to flee.

The destination of most refugees who have fallen out of favor is the Tornado Zone, where they contribute their technological expertise as well as their extremely efficient military training. Rumor has it that there is nothing more dangerous in the Tornado Zone than a pirate who was once an officer of the Shogunate. Iwan King, the Warlord of the Zone, came from an area near the Mariana Trench.