The History of AquaEdit

Taken from the Channel Omega report "Pioneers of the Depths" by Kaz Stealth. (2665) The following text was written by 2nd degree Professor Charlotte Gillmore of Machina Antarctica. The dates shown in square brackets reflect a rough timeline of the history of Aqua as drawn up by Channel Omega.


The People's Republic of China, Southeast Asia, India, Europe and the United States build the first long-term under water habitats. The stations are all modularly built (ISS and MIR 2 standards) thus they can be expanded at any time. The Chinese placed theirs at the greatest depth, at 6000 meters on the slope of the Mariana Trench.

In the independent states of the former Soviet Union, in the Balkans and in numerous other trouble spots around the world, the first battles begin. Beginning of a mass exodus from Australia due to reduction of the ozone layer.Progressive destruction of the rain forests. The incidence of viral epidemics and cancer increase dramatically.Fundamentalist religious wars shatter the Near East and South America. Trade war between the United States and Japan.


India drops the first H-bomb on Pakistan. The United Nations collapses.


Official colonization of the oceans.

CHARLOTTE GILLMORE: At this point in time, mankind’s migration to the ocean depths was in full gear and drawing to a close.

Vast, primitive refuge habitats, were created out of Chinese and Japanese scientific research stations in the Mariana Trench. The North Atlantic states’ research stations in the Bay of Biscay and the Arabic and Indian nations’ stations in the Bay of Bengal were similarly converted. By 2030, more than fifty thousand people were working in the world’s oceans.

Life in the stations was extremely harsh. Due to the high pressures and dubious breathing gas mixtures (some of which are still used today), most inhabitants of the sea developed neurological disorders, necrosis of the bone and cerebral infarcts.

Despite these conditions, the stream of refugees fleeing disease, war and hunger was inexhaustible. In contravention of the prevailing wartime laws, considerable expertise and an enormous amount of technology were smuggled into the marine habitats.

Several of the more progressive governments gradually began to support migration to the ocean depths. The habitats became stations, and in turn the stations developed into complex cities.

The foundation stone for Aqua was laid in 2100. The all-consuming struggle to survive in a hostile environment at crushing marine pressures of 200 - 500 bars bonded the people of all nations together. Information and material were exchanged.


Foundation of the international and mostly independent Commission for the Development of New Energy Technologies, Transport Systems and Breathing Gas Production by the three great sub-oceanic alliances: the Indian-Arabic Alliance in the Arabian Sea, the North Pacific Alliance and the North Atlantic Alliance.

The foundations for what was later to become the EnTrOx Company are laid.


The EnTrOx Company is founded and is now primarily under private management. The van der Waal clan takes on its management from now on, in a sort of hereditary dynasty.

CHARLOTTE GILLMORE: Joint mining projects, operated by all the major powers, supplied essential resources such as iron, tungsten, carbon and niobium used for the construction of habitats.

The electromagnetic pulse of the anti-matter meteorite did no damage under water. Of course there were some flood waves, but the main effect was felt on Terra's surface. It was transformed into a kind of hell. Calculations would prove that the earth's axis even shifted slightly due to one-sided melting of the poles. However, researchers would have to travel to the surface to collect their evidence.


Long Akira appoints himself Shogun. The former Conductate now becomes an official Shogunate, led by the Shogun at the top of its strict hierarchy. His power will be passed on by inheritance. Akira focuses primarily on developing new weapons technology and the establishment of a solid military structure influential in all parts of society in the Shogunate even today. Whether teacher, scientist or ordinary worker, those who do not serve out the obligatory military service have no chance of making a career for themselves. Many flee to the eastern Pacific territory off the coast of South America known as the "Tornado Zone".

CHARLOTTE GILLMORE: During the following centuries, researchers focused primarily on the development of underwater cities, ship technology, propulsion systems (which peaked in the invention of dipole propulsion and supercavitation technology), nuclear fusion projects and other life-supporting technologies.

Entire branches of science disappeared into oblivion. Their discoveries, which must have been impressive even in the twenty-first century, were neglected.


With financial assistance from unknown sponsors of the Tornado Zone, former scientists from the EnTrOx Company found a research station in the South Polar Sea and christen it "Machina Antarctica".

CHARLOTTE GILLMORE: Only during the last hundred years has science returned to research in quantum physics, molecular chemistry, genetics and species biology. The dead waters of the oceans, sealed by thick layers of matter, were partially transformed into clean, oxygenated areas with their own biological lifecycles. However, these did not arise from a food chain based on photosynthesis, but from a chemosynthetic one, which originated from countless hot vents and cold vents of the Mid Ocean Ridges and subduction zones in the Pacific.


Development of a global network of "jumpstars", also called "EnTroPoints", where the new, 500 meter long ships with their combination of dipole propulsion and supercavitation systems can dock. World trade begins again and as a consequence renewed protectionism.


Peace conference in New Bombay, where a peace treaty among the three great power blocs is signed.


Unemployed mercenaries establish a mercenary syndicate in the Pacific, in order to be able to take on larger missions.


The world of Aqua faces a new challenge. Akira, the renegade general of the Shogunate, together with a ring of gunrunners, nearly initiate a pan-Aquan war. The smuggler’s ringleaders are the clan chief Zalman and the EnTrOx boss Leo van der Waal. But Admiral Wodja Ping ends the crisis in the Red Sea by carrying out a kamikaze attack on Akira's battleship.

Now, however, the Bionts, a bio-robotic species of unknown origin, attack. Emerald Flint, the Ronin Hong Long and the Oceanide SEM save the world from destruction by defusing the Bionts' dangerous seismobomb in the Mariana Trench and help to destroy their bridgehead known as Survion off the coast of Australia.

CHARLOTTE GILLMORE: Ocean inhabitants were bred by means of genetic engineering and adapted to the new water conditions (colder, saltier, lower oxygen content). An increasing diversity of species is found near the major metropoles of Neopolis (Bay of Biscay), Floating Bombay (Bay of Bengal), Svesda Wostock (northwest Pacific), as the special water oxygenation facilities combined with an abundance of food provide the essentials for life.

The humans in Aqua design their ecological system and their environment to make them as comfortable as possible. However, the fact remains that humans will never be completely at home in this environment. Their world will be a high-pressure prison for a long time to come.